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Shifting Our Thinking for a Day

What happens when a developer, a project manager, and a designer are all put into a room together with Arduino software, a USB cable and a Grove kit? We found out, and called it Hack Day.

Prior to Hack Day, some of us had no idea what Arduino or a Grove kit even was at all – let alone how to manipulate it into some new invention or give it the ability to complete a task. That’s what Labs is for. The purpose of Labs is primarily to explore creative uses of technology and frame new possibilities for the agency, clients, and wider community. In short, they make epic shit.

While some of us look on with envy, Hack Day offers everyone a chance to think differently and create something, even if we have no idea what we’re doing. And it isn’t exclusive to just the technologically skilled. It’s about encouraging everyone in the company to dip their hands into this creative pot, work with developers, think in ways we aren’t used to thinking, and ultimately, improve the way we work together to make us better and smarter individuals, and as a company.

It took place back in March, a full nine-to-five of internal hardware hacking experimentation for all. What was intended to be a light introduction to physical prototyping and hardware hacking allowed us to open our minds and shift our thinking into a realm that we don’t typically get to play around in. And the best part is, there were no rules, no brief, and no client. We had complete creative freedom. We took lots of photos. And we got it all on video.

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