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Sonics own

If you have spent any time on “”: you’ve become familiar with the team templates that seem to be league mandated. If you haven’t seen them check out…

Here and here and here

These templates have gotten so out of hand that they have become unruly. For example, check out my team the “Raptors’ home page.

Raptors home page

Sweet thundering Jesus… horrible.

Now look at the new Supersonics home page.

Sonics Home Page

Wow… wow… wow. If there was ever a case for simplifying a template this is it.

Check out the difference between the schedule pages

Raptors Schedule
Raps sched

Sonics Schedule
Sonics schedule

Did the NBA give the Sonics some design love to make up for the pending move out of Seattle. Who knows? When do the Raps get the overhaul?

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