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Stop trying to kill the iPhone


Verizon is launching a very sleek touch screen phone from LG called the Voyager.

“We think it’ll be the best phone … this year. It will kill the iPhone,” Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman said in an interview.

Stop trying to actively “kill” your competition. Instead of trying to kill the iPhone, try to develop good product. Make plans people want. Chasing one product with another is a silly game. You are just playing catch up.

I’m sure Mike regrets the hyperbolic statement he made, because there is a good chance he won’t “kill” the iPhone and it’s not where he and Verizon should be focussing.

In comparison RIM were quite happy (publicly) when the iPhone came out, welcoming them to the market. In the ensuing months RIM has continued to release very good product including the Blackberry Curve.

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