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TELUS Holiday 2008

Telus Holiday 2008

Magic Happens When You Give Smart

The 2008 holiday season was certainly a busy one for us and TELUS. Ads, ads, some more ads, a few signage pieces, and a little microsite kept us well occupied in the weeks prior to Christmas. Now, I won’t bore you with all the little details, but I did want to share a few of the pieces we created this past holiday season.

Online Ads

The Q4 campaign was quite broad and required a large variety of ads. We created a mix of standard and rich ads, cross-talkers, a mini product-viewer, and even an ad where you can search Google on the phone… in the ad. You can see a few of the ads here, but we’ve also put together a little highlight reel to show them off.


I suppose magic doesn’t happen on its own… it’s really something that has to be manufactured, right? Enter the Magic Machine – a simple machine that helps you find the right smartphone.

Our internal team modeled and animated a number of scenes, all of which were dynamically assembled depending on the features you select at the beginning. We wanted to make the experience playful and if you use with the machine a few times, odds are you’ll see a completely different scene each time.

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