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The Next Page in Pagination


One of the only UI elements in the past that allowed users to traverse multiple pages of results was pagination. There are few databases any of us interact that don’t use those “next” or “previous” links: Google, gmail, flickr, etc.

About a year ago I saw the guys at Unspace had implemented a nice alternative to traditional pagination. I should note that their work was based on something similar that was done by Humanized. These solutions load in more results as you scroll to the bottom of the page – No more next or previous.

As seen in the image below, the Mail application on the iphone displays a button at the bottom of the page that appends 25 additional results to it – an elegant solution.


What I like most about these solutions is that they are non-destructive, that is, when I select more results I don’t lose the ones I’ve already seen. I’d love to see more implementations like this.

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