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The shoemaker’s kid gets some new kicks


It’s been about 3 years since we’ve made any real changes to the Teehan+Lax Web site. After seemingly endless delays due to client work we decided to formalize the new site as a real project. This meant staffing it appropriately and treating it as though it were being done for a paying customer.

While it may seem natural for a company like us to build our own Web site, it is very difficult. When we work with clients we have one huge advantage over doing work for ourselves. Perspective.

Here are some things we did to help us get through this.

  • We looked at competitors
  • Reviewed 3rd party research (Forrester actually has a few good reports on this subject)
  • Treated the site as a real project, not just something to be done in spare time.
  • Some of the highlights of the new site include:

    T+L Blog

    We were able to integrate a WordPress blog to help get our thoughts and ideas to market more efficiently. Up until now we’ve been producing time consuming rich emails.

    Logical next steps for perspective clients

    We tell our clients to make sure they provide their users clear next steps, so we came up with a few things that helped us practice what we preach. Everything from a PowerPoint presentation that helps them sell Teehan+Lax inside their organization to a checklist of services we offer as well as the ones we don’t. Of course, we provide methods of contacting an actual person too.

    Innovative ways to showcase our work

    Having a flexible system was an obvious must to keep our portfolio looking up-to-date. However, we wanted something more than a laundry list of case studies. In the end the solution was two-fold. The first is our demo reel. It’s a 1:30 movie showcasing our work over the last few years.

    The second part of the solution was to allow people to explore our work using terms they can relate to. Users can look at our work by technology, vertical, year or other mechanisms using a slick little Ajax application.

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