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Tipping point of online advertising?

Dove Evolution

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or maybe on dial-up, you’ve seen the Dove Evolution spot by now. It’s a time-lapse highspeed transformation of a somewhat average-looking model into a billboard superstar.

According to an article in Advertising Age, the online-only ad created a monster traffic spike to Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” site — a whopping 3 times bigger than what Dove saw from its Super Bowl spot last year.

When you hear stats like that — but more tellingly, when Ad Age is highlighting stats like that — you begin to realize just how much things have changed.

But really, what’s most striking about this phenomenon is that the spot doesn’t look like it was conceived as something that they hoped would “go viral”. It’s not some entirely new animal. It’s just a great :60 with a great insight that resonated with its audience. It could just as easily have been on TV. But it wasn’t.

And it didn’t have to be on TV to get on TV — Oprah, Ellen and others did segments on “Evolution”.

In other words, the spot made the magical leap from the realm of advertising into the realm of popular culture.

It’s even spawned at least one parody — a sure marker of its influence.

Congrats to everyone at Ogilvy Toronto and director Yael Staav for a great spot and a great story.

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