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TMN More Movies Campaign

The Movie Network (Astral Media) hired us to develop an online-focused campaign to launch their new High Definition programming. We created the “More HD” theme that was used across all media. A series of rich IAB ads featured an HD movie carousel that updated dynamically from the Astral server. We also created video ad units (with purpose-built movie trailers) and an HD Movie microsite that featured the entire library of HD Movie Network titles. The microsite makes use of Flash 10 to create a smooth and engaging 3D environment. This site is also deployed as embedded content across affiliate and marketing partner sites.

By working closely with Media Experts we were able to identify media partnerships that were eager to create campaign destinations within their sites, notably, and GorrillaNation. Heavy components included a first-of-its-kind homepage zoom takeover, embedded deployment of the HD Movie microsite inside the HD movie trailers section, TMN sponsorship of various sections within the site, video channel content and Heavy blog editorial content. A branded TMN YouTube channel also features TMN HD movie trailers and exclusive online video content.

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