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Touched by BlogTO


Matthew Braga from BlogTO came into the office last week to take a peek at our Microsoft Surface. We’ve obviously kept pretty quite about our plans for the platform… but I can say we are working on a few things. We currently have a little game in development, which we’ll be sharing more of in the coming weeks.

Matthew touched on a number of the interesting challenges we’ve encountered while developing for the Surface – Designing and developing for multi-touch is quite different than your average browser-based environment. From a design perspective, you need to consider the “360° interface” of the unit, which creates an interesting set of interface challenges. Similarly, C# isn’t exactly like HTML or JS or ActionScript or any of the other languages we typically deal with.

We too shared the same frustrations that FD kinesis encountered when the unit first arrived, although ours was actually a little worse (we actually needed a service call to get it up and running). However, the reality is that the platform is still very much in its infancy and there are many things that continue to evolve. However, it’s not hard to see the huge potential the Surface has, which is what really attracted us to the platform.

You can read the BlogTO article here.

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