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TweetMag 1.1 for iPad - Reveal the best of Twitter


TweetMag started with some ideas of how content can be aggregated and consumed on today’s devices and platforms.

One thing we always wanted to explore was not only new browsing and consumption patterns but also how content producers could be compensated for their work. We believe that exploring new revenue models is as important as new consumption models. Readability allows us to incorporate a way for content producers to be paid.

We worked very close with Readability on this release. Their code has allowed us to dramatically speed up the rendering of stories and the integration allows us to support offline reading and multi-device access to your favourite content.

TweetMag 1.1 is big step forward not just in features and performance for us, but also a step forward in beginning to find new ways to create value for users and content creators. Here’s a bit more detail about what’s changed in 1.1.


TweetMag 1.1 is fast. It creates real-time mags of articles based on the people, lists and searches in seconds. Thanks to an entirely new back-end it takes only a few seconds, even from initial launch, to begin displaying articles.


You can now use your Readability subscription to create a TweetMag out of your saved articles. Anytime you bookmark something (in our app or other Readability enabled apps) it’ll automatically become part of your “Read Later” TweetMag. What’s best, is your Read Later mag saves your articles locally so you can read them offline. We like Readability because it promotes a sustainable publishing ecosystem. Every time you use it on an article, a portion of your Readability subscription fees go right to the content creators.



This update gives you the ability to create a TweetMag out of your Twitter favourites. It also lets you mark favourites right from the app.


Article Views

There are now three ways to view articles within TweetMag.
1) Web view
2) Simple article with related unique tweets
3) Simple article without tweets
You can choose the one that best suits your reading style in the settings area.


Some other enhancements

You can modify your own TweetMag on the fly by following (or unfollowing) people. To do this, simply, tap on any username (the grey pill buttons) to bring up their Twitter profile. From here there will be a follow/unfollow button in the top right. It’s a great way to modify your mags on the fly.

You can also tweet from the app now. Just hit the user icon in the top right of the app and you’ll see your own profile, “new tweet” is in the top right. (hint: you can access all your lists from here too)

Also new is the addition of a “Featured” category. This area is a great place to explore new streams of content.

Update: Tweetmag was sold to Readability and is no longer available in the app store

Have a question, problem or idea for TweetMag? visit TweetMag Support.

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