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We Don’t Feel a Day Over 6

When Geoff and I started this company we were convinced it wouldn’t last. I would always think of that line from Heat where DeNiro says “allow nothing to be in your life that you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat around the corner”. That was us. That is how we operated for the first year. We paid cash for everything, we didn’t take on any long term commitments. If we felt the heat we could fold the tent, split the money and be gone in 30 seconds.

That was seven years ago. We are seven years old today. That’s 49 in dog years. Fuck. Me.

We never meant to do this. It was an accident. We don’t plan anything other than some really high level goals at the beginning of the year. We do what feels right when it feels right. For the most part it works out really well.

So how does this thing work because it’s not due to any great plan on our part?

It works because Shannon, Gilli and Paul have worked here almost as long as we’ve been in business.
It works because Dave and Jeremy help us run this place.
It works because Angie takes care of the office and makes sure people’s birthdays are dealt with.
It works because Chris, Pete, Zack, Bobak and Brendan make things work so well, it makes grown men weep.
It works because Nals, Stevo, Tanner, Dunc and GDub take the vague ideas we have, improve them, design them and then make us look good.
It works because Kate writes in her lonely writer’s garrett (we promise we will get you some company soon).
It works because Alyssa and Joan make sure we know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it for.
It works despite the fact J-Dogg and Jonas use PCs.
And it will work better with Tamera and Adam joining.

But mainly it works because none of this feels like work.

Thanks to all our staff and clients who have kept us here for 7 years.

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