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Web changing the way history can be viewed.


Limited access to television, icy temperatures, and no amount of distance, held anyone back from watching Tuesday’s inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama. Several sites proudly played host to the most web-friendly presidential inauguration to date, spiking internet traffic levels to 54% above normal.

CNN streamed the live ceremony alongside an impressive Facebook tool, which let users update their status, and toggle between viewing live status updates of their own friends, or the general public (consisting purely of Obamania). You could call it a success, an average of 4,000 users updated their status every minute, and CNN reported over 1.5 million status updates through their portal alone.

Meanwhile, not one minute was wasted updating the White House website, literally. By 12:01, the site was Obamafied, and the blog page already flourishing with updates and recaps.

At the Obama-friendly T+L, we were lucky enough to get a mid-morning break to pile into the boardroom and watch history unfold. It was especially exciting for us that the ceremony that captivated millions of people around the world had a much higher priority online, compared to in the past.

We even had some friends from the Globe and Mail join us for a story.

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