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We’re six years old

Six years ago today, in the darkest days of a recession (deja vu), Geoff and I started Teehan+Lax. We’ve spoken before about what we were trying to accomplish when we started this company so on this anniversary we wanted to take time recognize the people who let us do what we do.

We put our names on the door because:

1) We couldn’t think of anything more interesting
2) We wanted clients to know that there were actual people working on their business

So who are those people? Well let’s get started…

When you call us, that pleasant voice on the other end of the phone is Alyssa, she does more than just answer the phone, she helps on project management and keeps us all in line.

Clients would hate working with us if it wasn’t for Shannon, Marni and Kimberlee, our studio managers. Shannon has been with us for 4 of our 6 years and we don’t function without her.

Wireframes, user flows, IAs, oh my… Gilli and Derek. Gilli has been with us since he was a student and he would leave if not for the tracking collar we have on him.

If you like our visual design then you need to talk to Stivo, Nels and Gdub the wrecking crew of UI and visual designers here. How do they do it? We don’t know but we think it has something to do with Travian.

There are 4 guys here who paint in code. Peter, Chris, Brendan and Bobie. They have elevated our game to levels we never thought possible.

Jason, Paul and Jonas better known as Team Pho cannot be stopped when it comes to video and 3D. Walk into any Telus store, look at a screen and be amazed.

Ever wonder “who writes the songs that make the whole world sing”? Well that would be Kate, our copywriter.

Dunc and Phil hold down the fort on the programs side of the house. They are mutant freaks of creativity. Keep your hands and feet away while they are working. You’ve been warned.

And to the rookie Chris… welcome aboard. Now, eat your onion.

Dave Stubbs, our Partner, is responsible for making us a contender in marketing programs. He’ll take on any agency, any day, any time. Good luck, I wouldn’t want to be you.

Jeremy Bell, our newest Partner. We have a long history with Jer that includes a stint in a Mexican prison (long story) but we are grateful he is here. For those of you playing along with the home game, he is also my brother-in-law.

So while our names are on the door, this is who Teehan+Lax really is.

Happy Anniversary to us.

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