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Why Does This Exist?

We work in a world where seemingly existential questions like this blog post title are not only essential, but entirely measurable. Asking, “Why does this exist?” is how we look beyond the myopia and make real sense of the work that we create; some call this getting real

When we ask, “Why does this exist?” we’re really asking, “What are we trying to do and how are we going to prove it worked?”. This question should be asked over and over again, because we inevitably get very involved in the craft and often lose sight of the purpose.

Qualitative and quantitative are best friends who love this question

The qualitative discovers what Jobs to be Done the solution must accomplish from existing and potential customers as well as the refinement of conceptual goals into a guiding creative purpose.

The quantitative takes this purpose and defines exactly how the goal will be represented, measured, and optimized with real actions taken by users.

When you set out to measure these defined goals, it should be SMART:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic
  5. Time-limited

This way, you learn a whole lot of things that you simply wouldn’t know otherwise; what’s working, what isn’t, how you can improve, where you can take your ideas, what you should be testing, and especially if what you’ve created is actually making an impact on your objectives.

As you create the art continue to ask yourself, “Why does this exist?”


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