iOS 7 GUI for Sketch (iPhone)

A Sketch file of GUI elements found in the public release of iOS 7.

HDownload .sketch

Released November 7, 2013

This is a first for Teehan+Lax and you can thank Tyler Howarth for it. Tyler did a great job of porting the Photoshop version of our file for use in Sketch. We've seen a rise in the number of requests for this so we figured it was time to make it available. If you're unfamiliar with Sketch, it's a vector graphic app worth checking out.

If people are liking the Sketch version of this file, we can figure out a way to keep it up to date too. Let us know what you think.

License stuff: The sole purpose of this file is to help you pitch, design and build amazing software. The file nor its elements are to be repurposed as your own. It can’t be broken apart and used to create similar tools.