How-To: Socket.IO & Swift

Note: I am not an iOS developer. I’ve only recently dived into Swift.

We are The Net Awards Agency of the Year 2014

On Friday, we were named the 2014 Net Awards Agency of the Year. What makes this award very special is that it was awarded to us by our peers.


We make things. You, reading this, make things; directly or indirectly. We work to make and support things.

Affordances matter

This isn’t news, but the shift key in iOS 7 is broken. That is to say, it is functional, it just doesn’t work.

The State of In-Car UX

We are surrounded by bad design. You witness it when you’re taking cash out of an ATM.

iOS 7 GUI templates will ship inside of Sketch 3

I'm really excited today to share the news that our iOS 7 GUI template is going to ship natively in Sketch 3 (Sketch 2 shown above). No longer will you need to Google 'iOS GUI Sketch' and download the file from our site.

Zen and the Art of Insight Generation

It’s not even really up for debate. “Insight” is one of the things we value most in the world of creative problem solving.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Waterfall. Agile. Lean. Extreme. Kanban. If you think I’m naming new exercise fads, you’d be wrong. These are just a handful of different Project Management methodologies and processes.

Krush iOS Architecture

At Teehan+Lax, we’ve been working on a project called Krush for several months now. Krush is an interesting application from an iOS architectural standpoint because it touches on a lot of common areas that iOS newcomers have questions about.

Developing Design

Oftentimes, the word “design” is seen as being synonymous with “appearance.” It is with this mentality that many companies run their businesses – separating design (or appearance) from development (functionality). However, in the world of interactive and web design, functionality plays an equally significant role in the design process.

Model-View-ViewModel for iOS

If you've been developing iOS applications for any length of time, you've probably heard of Model-View-Controller, or MVC. It's your standard approach to building iOS apps.

Planning isn’t just a phase I’m going through.

As a planner, the most intensive period for me on any project used to be in the kickoff and upfront strategic direction phase. Increasingly, and by design, I stay highly engaged throughout the creative process.